A Golf Pass Special with Golf Central

Golf Central and Granite Springs are teaming up to bring you a limited time Golf Pass offer!

From Monday, January 22 to Friday, February 23 you will be able to order your Granite Springs Experience Pass at Golf Central.  Drop by the store at 201 Chain Lake Drive to order your 12, 24 or 36 Granite Springs Experience Passes and we will give you a  FREE Golf Central Gift Card!

With any of their golf pass packages you receive great benefits, such as unlimited transferability - yes you can share them with anyone! You will also be able to purchase additional rounds at the per round rate of your package and there are no playing limitations.

How big of a gift card do you get?

The bigger the golf pass package you purchase, the bigger the gift card!

12 Experience Pass Package ($588 + HST) = $50 Gift Card
24 Experience Pass Package ($1,050 + HST) = $75 Gift Card
36 Experience Pass Package ($1,400 + HST) = $100 Gift Card

12 Experience Pass w/Cart ($700 + HST) = $50 Gift Card
24 Experience Pass w/Cart ($1,299 + HST) = $75 Gift Card
36 Experience Pass w/Cart ($1,750 + HST) = $100 Gift Card

How it works?

It's simple! Visit Golf Central and ask one of our staff members about ordering your Granite Springs golf pass. You will give us your name, contact information, and credit card for payment. We will then issue you your Golf Central Gift Card and send Granite Springs the pass order, which will be processed and you will be sent a receipt from Granite Springs via email. Pretty easy!


Contact Granite Springs Membership and Marketing Director, Greg Long, at glong@granitespringsgolf.com or 902-407-5592. For full details on their Experience Pass pricing and benefits visit their Memberships page on their website.


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