We focus on what the customer needs rather than what we can sell you. At Golf Central, we take our time with each customer to make sure they get exactly what they want and what is best suited to their game. We also have a fully staffed repair shop on site that enables us to regrip, reshaft, and bend clubs and putters to custom fit each individual golfer.

Our knowledgeable staff will pull out all the stops to help you find a club that fits your game, including using custom fittings and our demo program.


At Golf Central, our motto is “Try Before You Buy.” Because you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, would you? So when we sell you a set of clubs or even a single driver, we want to make sure that the clubs are the ones that will work best for you. With all the technological advances occurring in this industry, the days of buying off the rack have long since gone.

How can we do this when the big box stores don’t? We carry a wide selection of demo clubs including irons, package sets, drivers and fairway woods, and hybrids. We trust you and you trust us. Enough said. That’s how the demo program works.

Another feature we have at Golf Central is our indoor hitting net. On rainy days or during the winter months, customers can try out clubs with our nifty indoor net. You’re also welcome ~ anytime ~ to sign out a club and try it at an outdoor driving range or play a round of golf with it at your favourite golf course.


Foresight GC2

Graphite shafts, steel shafts, loft and lie, ball flight, and launch angles. Advanced materials and new technology have turned shopping for golf clubs into a mind-boggling experience. It’s also made custom fitting key to the decision and purchasing process.

We have upgraded our launch monitor fitting system to the FORESIGHT SPORTS GC2. This system uses a high-resolution stereoscopic lens that locks onto the dimples of the golf ball, analyzing several characteristics at impact. The camera captures 10,000 frames per second which allow the GC2 to precisely measure ball and club head speed, launch angle along with back and side spin.

This information is then combined with industry leading algorithms to provide ball flight analysis with unmatched accuracy.

The GC2 takes precision to the next level and enables us to suggest equipment changes, taking into consideration shaft, loft and different club models.

Come experience being custom fit! The process is invaluable and NO CHARGE for the fitting!


Grips: Grips are an important factor in feel, direction control, and making solid shots. Dirty, or worn out grips detract from a club's feel and in turn, can affect the overall performance of your game.

Golf Central stocks a wide selection of brand name grips like: Lamkin, Winn, Golf Pride, and Super Stroke. Choose from numerous materials, textures and weights to find the grip that is right for you.

You buy the grips and we install them at no extra charge.

Shafts: Reshafting or even extending and shortening your golf clubs can also change the way they perform. We can analyze your swing to help you decide what shaft flex or length is most beneficial to you. Choose from a variety of shafts, with range in weight, flex and torque.

Spikes: Shoe spikes can be a huge factor in control and stability throughout your swing. Respiking your shoes can extend the life of your shoes. We’re not saying, but it might even improve your game… When you buy the spikes, we install them for free.

Warning: A trip to Golf Central may lead to
a better game and more enjoyment on the links.

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